Get travel money

Local currency

If you’re travelling abroad, you can order your currency online from Santander before you go for delivery straight your home. You will have cash ready to use at your destination – for example for a taxi from the airport to your hotel.

You can order your travel money online for delivery straight to your home from Santander. Find out more.

Bear in mind that if you carry a large sum of money with you and have it lost or stolen, it is lost for good and cannot be replaced (unless you have taken out separate travel insurance). Remember you can withdraw money in local currency from a cash machine abroad using your Santander Visa debit, cash card & Santander credit cards. See Using Cards abroad.

For up to date information or advice on using your cards worldwide or to withdraw cash, please call our Customer Service Helpline, available 24 hours a day on 704 207 8054*.

Using Travellers' Cheques

Secure travellers’ cheques require a matching signature before they can be used. They are available in many currencies and denominations and can be used/exchanged in numerous shops, restaurants, hotels, banks, and Bureaux de change worldwide. They are safer than cash because they can also be replaced if lost.

Bear in mind that not all places accept them as payment, so you might have to exchange them for cash first in a bank, hotel or bureau de change.

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