Faster Payments

The Faster Payments Scheme is a free and secure service to transfer money up to and including £100,000 between accounts.

Santander provides the benefit of Faster Payments for customers making payments from their banking or savings accounts.

  • Your money will usually reach the destination account in a matter of hours
  • Faster Payments can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through online banking or the automated telephone service
  • You can also make payments at the branch or with an adviser over the telephone during opening hours
  • Faster Payments can be sent immediately or set up for the future.

To find out whether the account you want to pay into is Faster Payments enabled, select the following link to visit the sort code checker at the Payments Council Website.

You don't need to do anything to benefit from Faster Payments just continue making payments as normal.

Payments that you make through the branch, telephone or internet are usually automatically sent by Faster Payments, making managing your money a lot simpler and faster.

To help with any queries you may have, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below:

What payments can I send using Faster Payments?

The following transactions will all be sent using Faster Payments:

  • Single one-off payments made immediately
  • Bill Payments paid now or in the future
  • Standing orders

Is there a charge for a Faster Payment?

No, there is no charge to make a Faster Payment.

Is there a maximum amount I can send using the Faster Payments service?

You can send up to and including £100,000 to another† bank using the Faster Payments service†- this is the current Faster Payment scheme limit.† Some payments to other banks will not qualify for Faster Payments if the destination account is not part of the Faster Payments scheme or if the payment is higher than £100,000.† If you want to send a transaction over this limit then you will need to send it using CHAPS, for which you may be charged.

Money transfers between accounts held in the UK with Santander are usually processed within the same working day (without using the Faster Payments Scheme or any other external clearing system).

How long will it take for a Faster Payment to arrive at another bank?

Faster Payments enables you to use the branch, internet or telephone to make a payment that will usually reach the destination account within a few hours. Most payments will normally arrive on the same day that we process them.† However, some may take up to the end of the following working day to credit the destination account.

Do all banks accept Faster Payments?

Most banks will participate in the Faster Payments Scheme.† You can find out whether the account you want to pay into is Faster Payments enabled by selecting the following link to visit the sort code checker at the Payments Council Website.

If you need to send a payment to a non Faster Payment enabled bank, you will need to contact us on 0845 972 4724 or call into a branch.

How secure are Faster Payments?

Faster Payments is as secure as any other payment service.

As always you should remain vigilant and monitor your accounts and statements closely, alerting your bank if you notice any unauthorised transactions.

Will my existing standing orders go by Faster Payments?

Yes, standing orders will automatically go via Faster Payments (subject to payment limits). The payment will usually arrive at the destination account on the same day that it leaves your account, which will mean that it will arrive quicker than it currently does.

Are Direct Debits affected by Faster Payments?

Direct debits already leave your account and credit the receiving account on the same day so there is no change to the direct debit process.

What details do I need to make a Faster Payment?

It is very important that you have the correct destination account details as the payment will normally leave your account immediately and cannot be recalled. You will need the destination account's sort code, account number and where applicable the account reference number.

If you are making the payment at your local branch remember that you will need identification to make a payment.

Can I cancel or amend a Faster Payment?

Faster payments that have already been sent cannot be cancelled, amended or recalled.

If you have set up a future dated bill payment or Standing order via online or telephone banking then you can cancel or amend this up to 6.30pm on the day before the transaction is due to be sent. If you requested the payment in branch then the payment can be cancelled or amended up to 4pm on the day before the transaction is due to be sent.

What if I have made a payment to the wrong account?

If you made a payment to an incorrect destination account, in the first instance please check if the payment has been returned to your account.† If it has then you can resend your payment to the correct account.

If the money has not been returned then you should attempt to contact the bank that you made the payment to. If you need any further guidance, then please contact our telephone banking centre on 0845 972 4724 or call into a branch.

You should contact the beneficiary to obtain the correct destination account details before resending any funds.

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