Cheque book

Apply for a new cheque book

You can order a new cheque book by calling us on 08459 724724* between 7am and 11pm, Monday to Saturday or by visiting your local branch (Please remember that proof of ID will be required). Use our Branch Locator to find your nearest branch.

Paying by cheque

To avoid fraud, always write your cheques carefully and in permanent ink. Date each cheque, sign it using your usual signature and draw a line through any blank space on the cheque. If you have to change anything, please sign each change you make. It will also help if you can provide extra information on your cheque. For example, if you are paying a bill, write your account number and name on the back of the cheque.

How to stop a cheque

If you need to stop a cheque - perhaps because it's been stolen - phone us on 0845 972 4724*. (As long as the money has not already come out of your account, we won't allow it to.)

* Call Charges Information

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