Access from Abroad

Below are the most commonly asked questions about accessing your account from abroad.

> 'How do I register for SMS or email alerts?

> How do I notify you of a change of address?

> How do I find my IBAN number?

> Can I use my Debit / Credit / Cash Card abroad?

Contact Us

If you still can't find the answer you are looking for, you can contact us by telephone or find your nearest Santander branch.

If you have a general enquiry and you're logged on to Online Banking, you can send us a 'Secure Message'. Alternatively, you can also contact us by email. Please remember, if emailing, not to include any account related information for security purposes.


How do I register for SMS or email alerts?

In order to register for our Alerts service, you need to be able to log on to Santander Online Banking. 

If you're already registered for our Online Banking Service, you'll find details on how to set up your alert service in the 'Account Services' Tab.

If you're not registered for Online Banking and have a Santander current account you can register online using your debit card at #, or call us on 0845 9724 724 (7am-11pm Monday to Saturday and 9am-6pm on Sunday).

If you have a credit card only, please call 704 207 8054 (8am-9pm Monday to Saturday) with your details to register.


How do I notify you of a change of address?

You can change your address via Online Banking. After you log on, go to 'My Details and Settings', then choose 'Change Personal Settings' from the left hand menu and click on 'Change address'. You'll need your One Time Passcode (OTP) registered mobile phone.

Alternatively, you can print off and complete the change of details form below.   If you prefer, you can also get a copy of the form by either calling us on 704 207 8054 (we're available Monday to Saturday from 7am to 11pm and Sunday 9am to 6pm) or from your local branch.

Change of Details Form

Once you have completed the form you can send your request to us at:

Customer Service Banking Operations
Account Changes 1 Team
PO Box 297

You can either print off and fill in the form above or write to us including; your account number(s), your new address details, and a telephone number that we can contact you on. If you have any other types of account with us, please also include this information, and we'll liaise with the relevant colleagues to update your address details on those as well.

You'll also need to provide us with a copy of each account holder's current passport clearly showing the date and place of birth, and the signature. When we've received your instructions we should be able to change your address within a few days, and we'll write to let you know.

How do I find my IBAN number?

There are a number of ways you can obtain your IBAN number:

In Online Banking: Log on to Online Banking, choose the 'Account Services' tab at the top of the page and select 'Account requests' from the left hand menu.  Then click 'View details (BIC & IBAN).

On your Paper Statement: It is printed on the first page of your monthly statement under 'your account summary',

By Telephone: Call us on 0845 972 4724 (00 44 1908 237963). We're available Monday to Saturday from 7am to 11pm and Sunday 9am to 6pm

Can I use my cash card abroad?

You can use your Santander card abroad in machines displaying the Cirrus symbol.

You should know that:

- You are able to make cash withdrawals of up to £300 per day from the Cirrus network
- There is a 1.5% minimum £1.99 charge for using the Santander Cash Card with Cirrus abroad
- Only your primary* account can be accessed via the Cirrus Network
- Santander will not charge customers using Santander or LINK cash machines in the UK

To find cash machines abroad, visit: Please note, Santander cannot be held responsible for information displayed on other websites.

Can I use my Visa Debit Card abroad?

You're able to use your Visa Debit Card in the Visa worldwide network of cash machines and with merchants displaying the VISA sign.

Find out more about using your debit/credit card abroad.

With the Santander Credit Card you are charged a foreign exchange fee of 2.95% for every transaction. In addition, cash withdrawals are charged separately at 3% of amount withdrawn - minimum charge £3.00. Please note, if you use your Visa Debit Card to purchase foreign currency or travellers cheques this charge will apply. There is also a £1.25 fee on purchases abroad in currency other than sterling.

If you have a Santander Zero Card you are charged absolutely no foreign exchange fees - so what you see is what you pay.

This will be the £ Sterling equivalent, depending on the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

To search for a VISA cash machine, wherever you are in the world, visit:

Please note that Santander cannot be held responsible for information displayed on other websites.

Also, if you're planning a trip abroad, especially outside of the EU and want to make sure your debit/credit card works just the same as it does at home, it's advisable to discuss your card usage by calling us on 0845 972 4724* (International telephone number 00 44 1908 237 963*). We're open Monday to Saturday from 7am to 11pm and Sunday 9am to 6pm

*Call charge information