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What to do when an account holder dies

Losing someone close to you can be very difficult. In addition to the emotional upheaval of coping with a death, you may also need to take care of the practical matters. To help at this difficult time, we have put together a guide to help you deal with any accounts that the deceased had with us.

Santander Bereavement Guide

This guide contains information on what you need to do, how to close/change ownership of accounts and what documents you will need to be able to do this. It also contains information on how we can help with inheritance tax, funeral costs and ensuring your own loved ones are looked after in the future.

Click here to download our Bereavement Guide

Notifying Santander

There are a number of ways to notify us of a death. We have a dedicated Probate and Bereavement centre who can be contacted in the following ways:

  • By phone: Probate and Bereavement Centre Helpline on 0845 600 6025* (Open Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm)
  • By post: Probate and Bereavement Centre, PO Box 524, Bradford BD1 5ZH.

Alternatively you can visit your local branch where our staff will be able to assist you further. We recommend that you still call the Bereavement Helpline as they can arrange an appointment at the branch and will advise what you'll need to take with you.

Please refer to our Bereavement Guide for information on the documents required before we can carry out your instructions.

Probate & Bereavement Instructions

'Probate & Bereavement instructions' is a form that tells us how we should handle any sole accounts of the deceased. It should be completed by the person/s acting as customer representatives for the deceased.

If you are in acting as a representative for the deceased, you can download and complete the Probate & Bereavement Instructions form here.

Once completed, you can return the form to any of our branches. Alternatively you can return it by post to: Probate and Bereavement Centre, PO BOX 524, Bradford, BD1 5ZH.

Note: To open the 'Bereavement Guide' and 'Probate & Bereavement Instructions' document you will need to have Adobe Reader. If you don't already have Adobe Reader you can download Adobe Reader for free here.

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