Current Account

Overdrawn on your current account?

If your personal current account has an overdrawn balance or you are exceeding your overdraft limit, it's very important that you contact us as you know there is a problem. The number you need is here.

Before you call us please take a few minutes to review your monthly expenditure. If you don't have a budget planner to hand go to our 'Taking control' section.

If you are overdrawn, exceeding your overdraft limit or regularly incurring charges, it is a good idea to check if your Direct Debits/standing orders are still required. If so, can the monthly amount be reduced or due dates changed to coincide with funds being paid into your account? Depending on the type of account you have we may be able to help in a number of different ways. Including:

  • Put in place an overdraft on a temporary basis as long as you reduce the balance each month. This will allow you to keep on using your account while you repay the overdrawn amount.
  • Suspend fees on your account where you are making payments as part of one of our repayment plans. 
  • Visit your local branch or call our banking centre to enquire about increasing your authorised overdraft limit (subject to our lending criteria and satisfactory credit score).
  • If you can't offer a regular repayment plan right now due to financial difficulties, or if you are currently seeking help from an independent third party with regards to assessing your finances, please let us know. We will work with your nominated third party advisor to offer an appropriate solution.
  • Help you consider ways of managing your account that may reduce the fees being charged.
  • Offer general guidance on how to manage your account (e.g. change direct debit dates)
  • We may have another account which suits you better. Call us or visit your local branch to find our more details.

Our What you need to know and Useful links sections will explain in detail why it's important that you come to an arrangement with us.

TIP! Register for Online Banking. It will enable you to have access to your transactions 24/7 can help you keep track of your money and manage your accounts more efficiently.  We even offer you free text message and email alerts to let you know when you're nearing your overdraft limit or incurred a paid or unpaid item fee, plus many more.

A potential outcome for a bank account being overdrawn or exceeding an agreed overdraft and entering a repayment agreement, could be that it will start affecting your credit file and internal credit score, affecting the application process when applying for products with Santander and other lenders.